Give to the Woodruff School

The 125th Anniversary of George W. Woodruff School Mechanical Engineering represents a seminal chapter in our history.  We have always been a leader on campus, from the first classes through today with the Invention Studio. The Woodruff School has always set the standard on campus and has raised the bar consistently when it comes to the quality of our faculty, staff, students, and the graduates we produce every year.


What does this anniversary mean to us?  How do we leverage our history to ensure future success?  


Dr. Bill Wepfer, Chair of the Woodruff School, and our External Advisory Board are leading our School into the next 125 years of engineering success, but there are critical needs with which we are faced. We are seeing a surge in enrollment unlike anything we have seen before and with that surge comes the need for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to recruit and retain the best and brightest students. These funds allow us to assist the students in making their dreams of completing their degree in Mechanical Engineering a reality.

I cannot begin to describe the gratitude I feel for receiving this scholarship. I was taught at a young age the value of education and I am so fortunate to attend a world-class institution to further my interest in engineering. Though my parents have provided me with everything I have, my family comes from humble beginnings. I wish to lighten the financial burden associated with college and this scholarship helps me to do so. I want to thank the donors for making such a great difference in my life. My family and I truly appreciate the generosity. ~ Sallie L. (BSME '14)


Support from our alumni and friends make it a possibility for students like Sallie, and countless others, to achieve her dream of getting her ME degree at Georgia Tech.  When we look back at the number of alums who have supported our students, faculty, and capital improvements, the idea of creating legacy has been a driving force.


The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering consistently achieves the remarkable feat of providing students with a world-class engineering education at an exceptional value. As I have benefited greatly from my Woodruff School education, it is only natural that I would support, with time, energy and financial resources, their efforts to educate future generations of Woodruff School engineers and entrepreneurs. It's simply the right thing to do. ~ Lindsey Thornhill, (BME '84, MSME '86, PhDME '96)


By offering students the opportunities to continue their education and at the same time, introducing them to the idea of supporting the school after they get out, we are not only educating them in the classroom and laboratory, but also in society.  Many who came to the Woodruff School before today's students and took the same classes in Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Statics, etc… not only "got out" and went on to successful careers, but also felt strongly enough about the mission of the school to provide the opportunities they had to future generations of students. This is the message to be passed on with a gift to those walking the halls of our buildings today.


As a Georgia native and a product of its public schools, I deeply appreciate what the Woodruff School does for the region, its students, and their engineering careers. As one of the first recipients of the Governor's Scholarship when it was instituted in 1985, I am very thankful for the opportunities I was given to prove myself at Georgia Tech. And I believe it is critical for those of us who had such chances to give back and ensure others get them, too--that's precisely why I give my time, my energy, and my dollars back to the Woodruff School and its studen


ts. ~ Deb Kilpatrick, (BME 89, MSME '94, PhDME '96)


Please join us in helping to raise a record of $12.5M in total philanthropy to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. We are already well on our way with many of our alums making commitments to support through cash, appreciated securities, and estate planning.


For more information on how you can impact the Woodruff School with your support, please contact Tom Lawley.


Thank you.